LC Subject Headings in Spanish
Encabezamientos de materia LC en español
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Sources of Headings

Biblioteca Nacional de España

The BNE headings were extracted from IBERMARC records downloaded from the BNE Authorities Catalog in March of 2007.

Bilindex (1984)

Headings come from the English-Spanish index of the original edition of Bilindex.

Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (Spain)

The CSIC headings are from the CD-ROM published in 2000. For more current headings, see its Authorities Catalog.

Library of Congress Subject Headings

The LCSH records used to validate English terms in the database date from the latter part of 2006. They are from Simon Spero's Fred 2.0 project.

Queens Borough Public Library

These headings are direct translations of Library of Congress Subject Headings used in the Queens Library OPAC, InfoLinq). Although similar to Bilindex and the Oakland and San Francisco Public Library headings, these headings are, in some cases, different. Unlike Bilindex, Queens Library Spanish Language Subject Headings are freely available online. The structure of the headings mirrors the structure of Library of Congress Subject Headings. Full MARC authority records are currently being generated.

San Francisco Public Library

These headings come from the bibliographic records of the SFPL catalog. The corresponding English terms were derived mostly by computer from the same records.