LC Subject Headings in Spanish
Encabezamientos de materia LC en español
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About is a prototype for a new kind of shared bilingual authority file. Please use it with caution! The data is not completely current and much of it has not been checked thoroughly.

This is a research project whose purposes are to demonstrate the usefulness of sharing authority data, promote cooperative cataloging, and ultimately to benefit Spanish speaking readers and researchers.

As of June 2007 headings from the Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (Spain) and the National Library of Spain have been included along with the two original sources. One these is an English-Spanish list of headings and subdivisions under development at the Queens Borough Public Library. The other is a set of bibliographic records from the catalog of the San Francisco Public Library. These records contain subject headings in both languages and certain patterns made it possible to match Spanish to English with a fair degree of accuracy. Most of the errors in matching were removed through a manual review.


Deep thanks go to administrators of the San Francisco and Queens Borough Public Libraries, the CSIC, and the National Library of Spain for their willingness to contribute data to this project, one which I hope will grow into a more comprehensive and authoritative resource. It is most gratifying to work with a group of people committed to providing better access to library materials for speakers of Spanish. I especially want to acknowledge the following:

    Ann Allan (Professor Emerita, Kent State University)
    Vivian Pisano (SFPL)
    Stephen McLaughlin (SFPL)
    Jane Jacobs (QBPL)

Mike Kreyche
Kent State University